Friday, July 23, 2010

Ganpati stage decoration

What a New Plan for 2012 Ganesh Festival program in decoration we below mention some our own Ganpati stage decoration plans for Home and Ganpati stage decoration plans for Organization. You know ? What is main fact of front side Ganpati stage decoration like Tree Decoration front side of "Ganpathi Bapa" Natural Environment Create front side of Ganpati baba". We have some plans for decoration. Water Saving Presentation Massage.
  • Digital world solutions. Massage
  • Old Cultures  Massage
  • Respect of Older Person  Massage
  • Modern Fashion  Massage
Made a Some thing different from Ganpati stage decoration.
Basic content below we have to mention .
Tiled flooring : Tiles are made in mosaic or cement mortar or clay in square, rectangle and various other shapes, sizes and thicknesses. The method of laying a tiled flooring is similar to stone flooring but more cue and skill are required. It is decorative, durable, easy to lay but becomes slippery when it is wet. The flooring also depends on the type of tiles used.
Timber flooring : Timber flooring is used for dancing halls and auditoriums. In timber floors, the prevention of dampness is very important. Timber floors consists of boarding supported on timber joists, which are nailed to the wall plates at their ends. In case of large spans, intermediate dwarf walls are constructed to support the joists. Timber floors are used only for special purposes.
Glass flooring
Glass flooring can be used for special occasions to transmit light from an upper floor to a lower floor like ground floor to basement floor. In glass flooring, the structural glass in the form of tiles and blocks is fixed within frames of various types. The structural glass is available in different forms and thicknesses. The framework containing glass blocks should be closely spaced so that the glass flooring can safely take the load.
Linoleum flooring
Linoleum is a covering. It is laid on wooden or concrete floors to improve their durability and appearance. It is available in rolls of various colours and designs. Linoleum tiles are also available. Linoleum covering is either laid loose or laid with an adhesive on dry and smooth floor surface. On wooden floors, they are nailed at the ends. It is attractive, economical, easy to wash and clean but does not offer resistance against fire and dampness.
Cork flooring
Natural cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It is used in the form of tiles and carpets like linoleum flooring. Cork tiles are usually made in two qualities, ordinary and heavy density. It provides noiseless, non-slippery and resilient flooring. It has good heat insulation properties.
Plastic or PVC flooring : The plastic or PVC flooring is a recent development in floor construction and used as covering over the concert floor in all types of buildings. PVC
(poly-vinyl-chloride) is fabricated in the form of tiles and available in different sizes in varying colour shades. The plastic flooring is laid in the similar way as tiled flooring. Though plastic files are hard and durable, they are slippery. It is not advisable to use plastic tiles on wooden flooring because the cost of fixing is expensive.
Carpet flooring for Ganpati stage decoration
Carpet flooring gives comfort and appearance to an interior. Carpets absorb noise. They create an impression of luxury and establishes a colour scheme. Carpets can be wall-to-wall or scatter rug type. It depends on the condition of the floor and the need. Rugs can be easily handled and cleaned. They can be shifted to different rooms. Scatter rugs are used near furniture groupings for uniformity.
Wall-to-wall carpets create the impression of large room. They can be cut to fit irregularities in floors. They hide inexpensive floors and worn out floors in old houses. Wall-to-wall carpet creates unity in interior design. Durability of a carpet depends on the quality of fibres used. Most commonly used carpet fibres are acrylic, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, viscose, rayon and wool. Wool is considered to be the best kind of fibre for carpets because it is durable
and colour-fast. Cotton rugs are soft and crushable. They are not colour-fast and soil easily, but they are durable. Jute and hemp are used for making the backs of carpets and rugs. Most important factor for durability of carpet is the height and closeness of pile. Medium colour shades are more durable.
The floor should be made smooth before laying the carpet. If the carpets are to be joined, they should be sewn together or joined with adhesive tape.